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Saturday, September 3, 2011


It's GAMEDAY in Oklahoma!!!  And we're working! Haha!  Week 2 of school is finally over!  I finished with a pretty awesome lesson yesterday and then right before I was about to head to work, I got a call saying they didn't need me! :D  So, David and I had another date night last night!!  It was great!  We drove around Stillwater, went shopping a little!  He bought me two super cute OSU shirts, so now I have no excuse to not sport our colors!  We also went to Best Buy and even though we would LOVE to get a camera, we're going to wait until we're ready to start having children so we can get the newer model!  He gave a pretty good case for getting a new flat screen TV... even to the point of telling me how we could rearrange the living room, but I just had to say one word.  "Car." :)  That will be our next purchase!  So, we're excited to start looking!  And we need one, goodness, there are only so many things Hubby can do with his motorcycle!  But we didn't leave Best Buy empty handed!  We got a few Blu-Rays to add to our collection and David pre-bought The Lion King for me!!!! OMG October 4th cannot come quick enough!!  FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I'm just a little excited!  David started feeling sick, or hungry, he wasn't sure.  LOL, so we picked up some dinner and headed home to watch Something Borrowed! And went to bed early!!! YAY!!!  I'm making us some Chinese Beef and Broccoli tonight and then we're going to our friend's birthday party after the game, I need to make some yellow cake with chocolate frosting too!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Go Cowboys and Go Sooners!! (I know, I have a problem)

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