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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feeling Weak

Today was a rough day.  I haven't been sleeping well, and normally, I would just sleep in and get plenty of rest, but I don't want to become a night owl and I have too much to do during the day.  Last night, I woke up every few minutes and just tossed and turned until about 7 this morning.  I got up and took care of some stuff and then headed to my hometown to go get my hair done.  The hubby had a specific request and after thinking about it (I don't believe that one should wear their hair or do a specific thing only because their husband requests that.  It's my hair that I wear on my head.. he looks at it, but I have to fix it and be ok with it.  I was taught not to let a man control what you do appearance wise) I decided I might like the change!  So, I got my hair done and it's a pretty different look.. so it's taking some time to adjust.  Then I ran around trying to get things done before work.. and I didn't realize until tonight that I had half of a Mazzio's buffet salad for lunch.. and that's all I'd eaten since yesterday afternoon.  I didn't get everything done that I needed to do today, work went well, but when I got home.. I found that someone had taken our furniture off of our back patio.. who does that?  Add that to no sleep, very little food, this heat, the craziness of being back at work and a hairstyle that I don't feel too good about PLUS missing the time to talk to the Hubby... probably the last time we'll be able to talk until after our anniversary ( Our 2nd anniversary... and the 2nd anniversary we've spent apart. Not even in the same state or country.  I get so aggravated when people complain about not going out with their spouse for their anniversary or being sick during their anniversary... at least you got the chance to see and be with or even hear from your spouse on that day!) It's just been a rough day. Work in the morning, and then my sister and Jar-Bear are coming up to spend the weekend with me and I get some much needed time with the best girl I know and some retail therapy!  We may even throw in a little spa trip, who knows?  I just feel extremely beaten down and drained.

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  1. Sounds like a really miserable day. :( I hope you come around and end up really enjoying your hair. I know I've had plenty of haircuts I regretted 10 seconds after they were finished. I've forgotten to eat I don't know how many times. I get a little 'manic' and just don't focus on food at all; or sleep.


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