Our journey throughout our first year of marriage and our second deployment.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update! :D

I'm a mix of emotions right now!! Uncertain, excited, anxious, slightly overwhelmed and peaceful!  I know.. weird.

I feel like I've lost some things in the past several weeks, but I've gained more and that's what is most valuable and important.  We only have a couple of years left in this town before we go and move on to the next chapter of our lives.  I'm so excited to see where the Hubby and I will end up! No matter what we do or where we are, I know we'll be fine because we've faced and overcome so much already!

We have just about a month to go until it's time for him to come home!  I couldn't be more excited!  As if my anniversary gift wasn't enough, my Hubby is surprising me with a completely planned out trip/getaway for us after he gets home and before school starts back up! I couldn't be more excited!  And the best part is, it's a secret... to most people! Only my best friend knows, and that's just because I told her about it before I was told to keep it hush hush! But I'm excited! Add this to our Up North roadtrip next year and our annual Colorado vacation.. MAN I cannot wait for him to get home!! 

But, before he comes back, I have SO much stuff to take care of! Between preparing for auditions, school, work, getting the house all beautified, and doctor's appointments as well as family responsibilities and weekly dates with Amanda and Derek... the next month is going to fly by in a jiffy!  I'm also getting to spend my anniversary with my Mom as my Dad will be in Japan doing Disaster Relief (I love my Daddy more than anything and he truly is one of the most incredible men I know.. the other few are members of my family as well) and my Hubby (THE most incredible man) will still be gone.  But it'll be fun! And then I get a weekend with the women on David's side of the family as we go... SHOPPING!!! Roadtripping with my sisters? Yep, it's going to be a blast!!

The past 2 months have been wonderful.  All I can say is that the second I was reunited with my husband, an overwhelming sense of peace returned that I have been living without for YEARS, not just months! I've done a lot of intense soul searching and questioned multiple things in my life since my Hubby went back, but the peace has remained! It's kind of perfect because "Peace" is the charm my Mom gave me of what to focus on this past year, what she prayed for me to find, and I'm so thankful and blessed for that! It's crazy to look back on this year and have almost made it through, to separate the people who have and haven't been through it all in the long hall, to see how we have both grown- individually and in one another.  It's been an incredible journey, and as hard as it's been at times, I wouldn't change it for anything! :)

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