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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Office To-Do's!

OK! Now that I'm done with practicing, I can blog and not feel guilty! :)  I've decided to focus on my office and bedroom for decorating!  I am IN LOVE with my downstairs... at least I'm mostly done decorating it.  I could still use some cute patterned plates for the dining room like these..

Or these...

With a cute centerpiece like this..

And then of course I'd LOVE to put a screen behind my TV, and this is the best one I've found so far.. but not exactly what I had in mind.

Other than that, so touch ups in the downstairs bathroom (still not happy with that one) and some little knick knacks here and there, I am pleased with the downstairs!!

BUT the upstairs can still use a lot of work!  So, we'll start with my office!  We have TONS to store in our office and I'd like to stick with the Dark purple, lavender, tans, browns and white scheme for now.  We'll change the main color whenever we get a separate office and guest bedroom.  But, for now.. I'd like to do a shelf against the wall with lots of storage containers in various colors, maybe some books too, since we have tons of those!

With different colors obviously.. And then some new office accessories.  I'm trying to decide between the silver and the white desk accessories.. like this...

or these...

I'm still not sure.. And then there's the decision of white or silver stapler/tape dispensers!  So many decisions!  But overall, my inspiration for this new project is this!

So, we'll see how it goes!  I feel a road trip to Dallas coming on!  Thank goodness my sisters and I are all planning a getaway trip soon to go to IKEA!!! AHH I've ALWAYS wanted to go there!! So, yeah!  As if there's not enough on my plate already, let's add this!  And after this is done, I can focus on making our Master Bedroom into a relaxing, beautiful getaway for the Hubby and I (starting with our new mattress)!!! It'll come in handy when we have those cute little babies someday!! 

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