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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Get ready! :)

It's coming!! Every day it gets closer and closer! The joy of the Hubby being home and the anxiety of school starting up again!  I've been back home for almost a week now, and busy busy trying to get everything ready for all the changes that are about to occur!  Yesterday, I was out all afternoon paying bills, running errands, and applying for jobs.. hopefully some open up! :D I also got the New Women's Devotional Bible and I'm super stoked about it!!

Today, I've been cleaning and tidying everything up around the house!  I'm trying to get the puppies and I into a routine of getting up, making the bed and putting everything away upstairs before heading downstairs to go outside!  It's worked pretty well so far! So, we've been tidying up.. gearing up for a full spotless cleaning of the house this weekend. But I need to organize before then! Haha!  Taco and Belle had their mani/pedi today! I'm so jealous.. I am DEFINITELY getting one before my Hubby comes in.  Gotta look super cute for the guy! ;) And then I've been filling out applications and applying for loans, trying to get ready for this next school year.  I also need to practice for my audition next month! *fingers crossed* Lots to do and so little time.. it's a miracle I'm getting any sound sleep. Hope everyone's week is going well! :)

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