Our journey throughout our first year of marriage and our second deployment.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


WOW the past few weeks have gone by quickly! The hubby was home for R&R and we had a wonderful time just being together, cooking, watching movies, lounging around.. we even attempted taking the dogs to the lake for a picnic!  I don't think we'll be doing that again.. or we'll leave the pups at home!  It was beautiful and we had fun, but too much excitement for the puppies!  It was so easy getting back into the swing of being together!  We went to our hometown the weekend before his leave ended to spend time with family.  It was nice!  I got my hair dyed back, so I'm a brunette for the first time in 8 months!  We got to go on a date night and spent Friday night just hanging out with my family!  I think it's adorable to see how similar my Hubby, Daddy, Bubby, and my sister's future hubby, Jar-Bear are!  They're all into gaming and action movies and bikes!  It's cute to watch them all bond!  The night together with everyone was just so much fun and so relaxing!  Saturday, we had a bbq at David's parents house.  We got to play and love on all our nieces and nephews all day, and then Sunday we had lunch with them after church before heading back to our home for a few days! I'm so thankful for all of the time we had!  And I'm even more thankful that we didn't think about or talk about the leave ending until he was just about to get on the plane! 

So, he boarded the plane and I was trying my hardest just to hold the emotion in and wait until I was alone to cry.  I waited until the plane took off and then headed out to my car.. and thus continued my morning of craziness!  David had gotten the parking meter tag when we pulled into the parking lot.  When I got out to the car, I couldn't FOR THE LIFE OF ME find where it could possibly be!  I checked the sides, cupholders, dashboard, glove compartment.. nowhere to be found.  I was crying hysterically by this point.  So, I pulled up to the gate to pay and explained that my husband had just left and when exactly we pulled into the parking lot, what flight and time and gate he had departed from, and that I had no idea where our tag could be.  The lady was just like, "I'm sorry, it'll be $20." Peachy.

I made it back to my Mom's house, crying most of the drive, and she talked to me for a little bit, then wanted to take me out to breakfast! :) I love my Momma!  Well, my crap phone that I got and was about to change was acting up.  So, I turned it off and turned it back on.  When I first got it, I tried adding the passcode like on the iphone and it didn't work, so I didn't mess with it.  Well, when it turned back on, it asked me the passcode and I couldn't figure it out!  Insert breakdown.  I couldn't even receive calls, so when the Hubby called... argh!  So, we took the phone to AT&T and they couldn't do anything.  After lots of frustration, I finally picked out a new phone, returned the old one, and literally started from scratch with NO ONES numbers!!!  For someone who lives with my phone in my hand, it was rough..but at least I'm a big fan of this new phone.  I had all my contacts on my iPhone, so I just had to switch them over.  Well.. the iPhone was dead and when I charged it... I forgot the passcode to THAT phone.  It had been about 3 weeks since I'd turned it on.  OMG! How did I lock myself out of 2 PHONES?!?! I now have about 100 contacts of the literally 400 that I had before.  But I have all the important ones... I think! ;)

After being with my family all Tuesday and Wednesday, and knowing that I'd be going with them to Sr. High church camp for our church, and that my Dad's 50th is coming up along with the 4th of July, I just decided it would be best to stay here for a little bit.  It won't do any good being alone at home.. at least this way I can be with my family and focus on the things I need to focus on! :) I'm excited!  It's been a nice week and I'm thankful for the support and love they give me. 

I'm dealing with a lot of things right now.. trying to work some stuff out.  It stinks when some of the stuff needing to be worked out involves others aside from myself.  I don't like conflict.  I really don't!  I don't like being in a dispute with others and not being able to have the opportunity to work through it, especially when I go out of my comfort zone to take care of the scenario and I get shut down.  It's difficult.  I'd love to just let things go and move on and not carry this burden and this baggage, but sometimes it takes all parties to handle something.  So, even though I have no control over THAT.. I DO have control over other aspects of my life.  I'm trying to be calm and accepting, to be open to change and prepared to be outside of my bubble of a comfort zone.  It's a daily challenge.  All that matters is that I am trying and no one can say different.  The summer is almost halfway over and I'm ready to see what's going to happen through the last few months of both summer and this deployment!  Ready to get back into the crazy swing of things in August!  Between school, ROTC, band, and work... I'll be surprised if we have time together!  LOL! But, we'll make it work, because in the end.. it's just us!  God bless my incredible Husband! :) I love him so much! 

And Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there, especially my Daddy!!  You are an INCREDIBLE Christian man and live your life as an example not just for our family, but for our church family and for all those who see you and come into contact with you.  I LOVE watching you worship and getting up early in the morning to see you studying your Bible in the office.  I'm thankful for the sacrifices you have made for our family and to allow Alex, Tristen and I to all pursue our dreams.  You have always been so supportive and will continue to be!  I cannot wait for the day that I get to give you and Momma a grandbaby.  It warms my heart with pride when I see you both playing with younger kids, because as incredible as you have BOTH been as parents, I know you will be even better as grandparents to David's and my children!  I love you so much and thank God for giving me a Daddy like you!!  Have a wonderful week everyone!

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