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Friday, May 27, 2011

Patiently Waiting!!

Let's just start with saying that the past few days have been CRAZY!!!

Tuesday: MASSIVE storms ripped across Oklahoma. I went to my parents' house while they were out of town and was thankful to be with my brother, my sister and her boyfriend as well as our 4 dogs. We cleaned out the downstairs closet and set up the ultimate tornado shelter in case anything were to happen. While watching the weather, we heard about a tornado that wasn't far from my apartment. I panicked a little, but all was fine. The weather did get nasty and the storms were pretty bad, but thankfully it wasn't too bad and we didn't need to utilize our shelter. However, many people lost loved ones and all of their possessions in the tornados that devastated Joplin and parts of Oklahoma in the beginning of the week. Please continue to keep those families in your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday: I was able to spend Wednesday with my sister and had a nice lunch with our wonderful grandparents at McAlister's. I just want to take a second and say that I recognize all families are different, but I am SO thankful for the undeniably close relationship my brother, sister, and I share with my Mama Carty and Papa Jim. I probably talk to them more than I talk to my parents. They have been a constant in my life and have supported me in every audition, solo, concert, marching contest.. anything and everything Tristen, Alex, and I have ever been involved in. They have always been like my second parents and I treasure the wisdom they have given us and am blessed to have the relationship we have with them. I know not all grandparents are like that. After lunch, Tristen and I went shopping (Gosh, she wore me out) and then I dropped her off for her night out with Jared (My future brother-in-law). **They are not engaged YET** But soon** After sister time, I went over to continue family time by spending a few hours with my sister-in-law Rachel and my adorable niece and nephew, Faith and Izzy. We got to talk and play and watch a cartoon.. it was just good to spend time together! :)

Thursday: Yesterday was a bittersweet day. I said goodbye to two of my best friends while patiently waiting to hear when I would say hello to my absolute best friend. My sister, Tristen, and my best friend, Matt left for the summer. My sister-in-law, Aimee, has been an INCREDIBLE support for me during this deployment. She has offered a closed ear with no judgement and has been available at all times to listen, offer words of encouragement and words of wisdom. I would literally go crazy if it wasn't for her. But, Tristen and Matt have been my other support systems during this past year. Matt has dealt with personal issues as well and we have grown individually and continue pushing eachother to improve, both in our personal lives as well as academically and musically. I am thankful for a colleague in Matt and look forward to the years of work we have ahead of us. I'm so proud of him and this incredible opportunity to do drum corps (that literally just fell in his lap). He's going to do a wonderful job this summer! I can't wait to come watch some shows! :) Tristen! My baby sister and yet, in so many ways she shows that she has years of wisdom and expertise over me. I feel like I should be the one supporting her and helping her, but I feel as though I am always leaning on her for her constant advice and knowledge. She has grown SO much in the past year and a half and I cannot wait to see how God utilizes her, not only this summer, but throughout the rest of her shining life. She is going to be a worker at Falls Creek and she will not only be changed, but will surely enlighten and nurture all who come into contact with her. I will miss her so much!

So, saying goodbye to them was hard.. why not treat myself with a day at the salon? Just kidding! I already had the hair appointment booked so my hair would look good for when David comes home. He likes how it smells after I color it! :) So, I put a little blonde and red in it.. it looks a little more edgy, but it's slightly darker. We'll see what he thinks! I don't really think it will matter! Gosh, I can't wait to see him!!!

Thursday Continued: Sounds like a pretty busy day already, right? NO WAY!! After all that, I decided Alex and I should go on a brother/sister date to see Pirates of the Carribean 4! I've been itching to see it. SO, we headed out to go watch it. MIDWAY through the movie, both my parents are calling us. My sister's lovely pooch, Lucy, had somehow gotten out of the house and was 3-4 blocks away. So, we raced out of the theater to go get her! I wonder how the rest of the movie was.. We pick her up, and thankfully someone found the little thing (seriously, she's only a few pounds), and then we start to wonder how she got out. We scurry home and as Alex is going inside to check things out, he thinks he hears someone upstairs.. OMG! I called my sister's boyfriend. No answer. This is what we need husbands for. I called my Dad, but he was 2 states away and couldn't really do anything. He told me to get back in the car and lock the doors and that he'd call me back in less than a minute. So, I called my trusty brother-in-law, Ryan. I was in a panic. He headed over and my Dad instructed me to call 911. Ryan also called David's Dad to come over with him. So, within 5 minutes, I've got Alex, Ryan and Do as well as 5 police officers searching every nook of our house. No intruders. THANK GOODNESS!!! I locked the door of my room last night. GOSH it was just an exciting day. An exciting day of not hearing from David and not really knowing where he was.

I finally headed to bed and tossed and turned with strange dreams.. this has been my average night for the past several weeks. Maybe I'll sleep normal once David gets home. I woke up to the sweetest noice this morning as my Hubby called to let me know where he was and his ETA! AHHH I cannot wait!! I feel like the next few days are just going to glaze by as I try to busy myself and keep my mind off of the time and the hours remaining. I also will only have about a half hour or so to get ready before I have to go pick him up. So, I'll basically need to be ready to get ready at all times. But it's sooo worth it! Any day now! If you don't hear from me... you'll know why! ;) Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend everyone! Thank a soldier/veteran for the service they have given for this country!

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