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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bachelorette Party!!!

So, a quick update before a recap of the weekend! Things with the Hubby and I have been going really well! Thank you Lord! We've been able to talk more and are both so excited about finally getting to see eachother in just a few days!!! We know we need to work on some things, but what marriage is perfect and doesn't have their issues? Ours just happen to be heightened because we're on opposite sides of the world. But it's almost over and he is almost home! Thank you for those of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers!

And now for the WEEKEND!! Let's start with Thursday! I went with Leslie to get her lumineers put on and then we both did some shopping for some things for me to wear for David for his leave and an outfit for her bachelorette party! When we got home, we were exhausted, but we continued on doing some wedding plans! Things are definitely coming along and 2 weeks from today, she and Adam will be on their way to their honeymoon and this wedding will be over!!

Friday, I woke up and it was POURING!! (Which doesn't mix well with plans to walk around Bricktown) I called Melissa, my fabulous hairdresser, and asked her how I should style my hair and she just told me to coat it in mousse and hairspray so and give it tight curls so it wouldn't fall throughout the day. IT WAS HUGE!!! I ALMOST used more hairspray than the day of my wedding. Almost. But I got my errands run and dropped off the dogs so I could head to the city to set up the hotel room for our party!!

We had sashes and pins along with bedazzled stick-on tattoos and these massive pink light-up rings to wear! And Leslie had a veil and tiara! Our friend, Chris, who is making both the cakes for the wedding made our cake! It was the most adorable Victoria's Secret bag!

Leslie showed up right as we had finished decorating and was all ready to get her hair done! So, while I curled her hair, Chris helped her with her nails and lashes!

We all got ready and headed to the Melting Pot for dinner!! We had cheddar and spinach artichoke fondues and they were absolutely delicious! I had never been and honestly wasn't sure at how yummy it sounded, but I could hardly get enough! I'm definitely taking David while he's home!!

After we got done with dinner, we headed back to the room and played games (I feel so vulgar, but I got a bachelorette version of Pin the tail on the Donkey). So, we played Pin the Junk on the Hunk, How well do you know the bachelorette? and an animated game of I Never!

After the games, we had cake, got ready and headed out to Club Albee! With the weather predictions, I decided to book a private room and we got a limo ride thrown in with it! So, I had everything planned out and under control, regardless of the scenario! When we walked out of dinner, there was a black stretch limo waiting and Leslie asked if it was for her.. I told her "no", I didn't think to do that. I knew she was kidding. On the way out the door, she was trying to think of ways to get to and from the hotel. "Amanda could drop us off and Chris can come back and pick us up if we need it.." I turned around to our friends and mouthed "She's gunna drive me CRAZY!!" I'd been holding my plans in and been around her the whole time.. it was so hard not to just tell her everything! So, when we went downstairs and a white stretch limo was waiting, she said "Is this my limo?" I turned around and told her yes, and she started walking away, she didn't believe me! But when she figured it out she was so excited!!

We got to the club and had our own private room! We had a good time hanging out, just us girls and dancing the night away! We were even able to meet the guest DJ! He DJ's at the Playboy Mansion!

We had a great night and after all the planning, I was definitely ready to crash! The next morning, I went and got a mani/pedi and a facial!

So, it was a good weekend, but I'm glad it's about over! I definitely could have used a massage this weekend, but with all the stress over the wedding and David's leave, I may as well wait until one of them is over and then David and I can have a couple's spa getaway together. It will be nice to get away from everything and everyone and have no stress or pressure. I feel like there are so many people to see and please and so much to do during his leave. It may not be a spoken "You need to do this", but it's understood. It's frustrating because I just want people to respect that we need our time alone and to be together. But I don't think that's how it's going to go.. so, we'll just see.

I cleaned the downstairs of the house today to get ready for David to come home! I thought I'd head to Owasso tomorrow, but I still have to pick up my dresses, and the store that I got them altered at doesn't open until Tuesday, so I can stay home and continue cleaning/doing laundry in prep for my Hubby coming home! I am so excited!! Just a few more days!

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