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Monday, August 30, 2010

UPDATE!!! Where is my brain?!?

Hey all! I'm sorry I haven't been able to update in awhile! I can't even explain how crazy life has been since David left on the 15th. Marching band started and left hardly any time to unpack or do laundry, and then school started and then Taco and Belle got sick.. and life has been a lot of running around and playing catch up for the past 2 weeks. I need a break!

Just so everyone knows, I have almost gotten a complete go-ahead to go see David during his 4-day pass! I have a scheduled music history test on the 20th of this month and I'm not sure exactly when I'll be back from seeing David, so we're trying to work out what we can do with the test and how I can take it. My professor is an interim teacher and filling in for the normal music history professor while he's in Poland writing a book and teaching for a year. In the syllabus, it states that a student may not miss any exam because of preference or vacation. My professor understands that this situation falls under neither of those categories, but he is still wanting to check with the higher-ups just to make sure that it's alright if I take the test before or after. So, hopefully I'll hear about that soon. He has no doubt that it will all work out and is in complete support of what David and I are going through, as are most of the faculty and staff here.

So, classes have been crazy. Life in general has been crazy. I don't feel like I've really had a second to breath and I've hardly gotten everything done that I need to do. I just feel like my brain is everywhere. How do people run entire households on their own? I just feel like I'm going to lose it at any second! I like to plan and enjoy and the past few weeks have been living minute by minute with no time to look ahead to the future, even if it's a few minutes into the future. I just feel overwhelmed and I need my "second brain", aka Hubby to help with all of this. I know he's going through his own stuff too in preparing for this deployment and taking classes, so I'm not about to burden him with my lack of ability to focus. I've spent the evening working out my budget and calendars for the month and hopefully that will help me keep on top of things. I can't believe September is just a few hours away.. that's just crazy to me! I'm definitely ready for the cooler weather and I am so ready to see my man and spend a few days relaxing together! Hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll try to update more! :)

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