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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day #3- A Relaxing Day Spent Together

HEY WORLD!!! Let it be know that my husband and I went and got mani/pedis together today! :) I LOVE getting my nails done and think it's the most relaxing thing.. David, like a lot of men, has never had a mani/pedi and he LOVED the pedicure! He'll probably start getting pedicures every now and then after he gets back home! :)

So, David went and took care of some stuff this morning and after lunch, we headed off to the mall for our mani/pedis! We also went ahead and got him new tennis shoes that he can workout and do PT in! He was so excited! After that, we went to Lowe's and picked out the washer and dryer we're getting in the next few months. We ALSO went through Lowe's and started picking out and talking about what things we would like in our "Dream Home" someday. It probably won't be for 20 years, and we'll probably need to start saving up now... but it's our goal for our future. My big thing is WOOD FLOORS!!! If we can have wood floors, I'll be one happy girl! And if I can convince my husband that wood floors are better than carpet (easy to clean, no stains from spit up and doggie accidents, nice looking.. I could go on and on) then I'll be one successful and happy girl!! :)

We had a little time to burn, so we headed over to Best Buy to continue in our "dream"! haha! David is big in electronics... what man isn't! So, we looked at TV's (his college graduation gift to himself) and then... we went to the Apple section *Insert scary music HERE* When David got back from Iraq last year, he "treated" himself to a new 24" iMac. Note to others* it does NOT fit under the desk... and is freaking huge. BUT, he loves it and he worked hard and deserves it! So, we're now talking about selling the iMac, buying a new MacBook Pro and getting rid of one and a half of our desks (we have matching desks and they each have a "top" section for shelving). We'd have a lot more room in our office/guest bedroom. And then when David gets back, he can get a new computer! We'll see how it works. There will be a lot to do financially while he's gone! But it will all be worth it!

So, tonight we're going out to eat with some friends and David's parents are joining us. It'll be a nice evening and a good break before coming back to the hotel and re-packing EVERYTHING!!! Tomorrow's the big day! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Oh, OccDoc loves to get pedicures! He normally suggests it. Pedicures aren't my favorite thing in the world, but if my husband wants one (and will buy me one, too) who am I to stand in his way?


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