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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Slow Day...NOT!!!

Do you ever get that overwhelming feeling, that one day where you just feel alone... like anything could happen and no one would know for awhile?! The deployment is sinking in, and all the happenings and concerns over the past few months are becoming a reality. The training is getting more intense, the hours he's working are getting longer and longer... and with it, my days seem to get longer and my motivation seems to dwindle.

It's not that I don't know that people love me and care about me, I have an amazing family support system! My sister-in-law even texted me today asking how I was doing. I know there are tons of people I can call and talk to about things, but at the same time, I just don't want to push my problems off on others and I don't even know what I would say. I just want someone to reach out to me. I'm constantly trying to keep busy and to get things done, and aside from seeing Bri and David this weekend, that was really the only personal interaction I've had with anyone. Being alone sucks. I'm going to go work out and rent a comedy to just bump out of this mood. I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!!

Edit Post: I went to workout and practice my saxophone and I was gone for maybe 2 hours. Well, background here. Taco eats EVERYTHING!!! They get kenneled when we leave and they can no longer have a pillow because they'll destroy it, nor can they have a patch of carpet, cuz they'll eat it in 3.5 seconds... just like the rest of the carpet in our apartment. We are SOO not getting our deposit back! Well, for awhile, I thought that Taco would eat Belle's collar off of her. We got her 3 different collars, each one thicker than the one before, and still... they got chewed off. I finally bought a nice expensive leather one and was assured by the employee that it was the strongest collar out there without going to chokers. I really don't want to put a choker on my sweet Belle Belle! That and it would fall off since chokers are meant to help when walking them. Well, we got it and a few weeks later, she was sitting at my feet while I was studying and I heard this gnawing sound. I looked down, and she was actually choking with the collar in her mouth!!! She had somehow gotten the bottom part of her mouth under the collar and SHE was chewing it off!!! OMG!!! The damage was done though. So, after a few months of not having a collar and feeling guilty that no one would know her if she ran away, I went in and got her a new collar, explaining to the guy her past "issues" with collars. He picked out a spiked pink collar. Spiked! For my chihuahua!! :( Oh well, I told him we'd try it and we both figured that since the collar had spikes and other stuff on it as well as being leather, she wouldn't bite through it because it would hurt her. We made it a little tight, just in case! Yesterday, I discovered that she had chewed off the extra bit that overlapped. And today when I got home, got ready to take them out and tried putting her leash on,... her collard was GONE!! I went to the kennel and there was a small piece of the collar left. Meaning, Belle chewed it off and one of them, if not both.. ate it. WITH THE SPIKES!! And those things are sharp!! When they went outside, I realized Taco had eaten some, if not all, of the collar. I just don't know what I'm going to do with them... ARGH!!!! Other than that, my workout was good, the practicing was ehh,... it'll get better! I'm doing yoga tonight after my cold shower and dinner and then watching So You Think You Can Dance ONLINE!!! I FINALLY found a way to watch episodes of my FAVORITE TV SHOW!!! So, yeah! Have a lovely night everyone!!


  1. Oh my gosh that is RIDICULOUS. She's like a machine eating everything in sight!


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