Our journey throughout our first year of marriage and our second deployment.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend!!!

First off, as we celebrate our country's birthday, I would like to say a huge thank you to the men and women who have served and fought for our country and made it possible for us to have what we do! We live with the FREE because of the BRAVE and I am so blessed to know just a few of you all who give your life and sacrifice for the USA!! Let us remember what this day is about!
That being said, it was so exciting to spend the 4th of July with David! We have some wonderful memories of the Fourth of July! 2 years ago, we were preparing for his deployment to Iraq. He was mobilized at Ft. Sill and so we were able to watch an amazing fireworks show and spend that time together before he left! Last year, we went with his family to Colorado. It's a yearly trip for them and has been since he was really young, but it was my first time to go. We stay at Wilderness Ranch and it is just SO peaceful! But, there are no fireworks, so we improvised and had all the little kids play with an entire big box of poppers! They LOVED it!

Colorado Vacation 2009

So, this year, knowing for sure we won't be spending the Fourth of July together next year, we decided to spend it with our families! We went "home" on Friday and watched our town's fireworks show in the front yard with my Mom and Dad and my sister!

Dad, Tristen, and Momma before the show started

It was also Taco and Belle's first experience with fireworks, so we weren't sure how they'd do... but I think it went alright! :)

David and I watching the fireworks

On Saturday, the boys (Dave, my Dad and my brother) went to help move a friend in and were out the door by 6AM. Tristen and I got up and around and went to the mall to pick up my wedding ring (I left it with the jeweler when I went up for Kayla's wedding and was having it soldered) and to do a little shopping before David's Belated Birthday Party. We barely made it on time, but we made it!

Tristen and I before the party

Mom made ribs and all of David's favorite foods with them, plus tons of dessert and both sets of my grandparents were able to come, so it was a nice visit

We just kind of hung out the rest of the night! OH! I almost forgot! Mom and Dad also got a new bed... therefore WE got a new bed!! In the guest bedroom of their house, that is! We've been sleeping on an air up mattress and when we roll over at 3 in the morning, everyone can hear it. So now, we have a nice bed to sleep on when we visit! Church was the next morning and we didn't get up in time to go. It's a fight for the shower at my parent's house and I did not win. David was ready and went ahead to the service. But it was only after church ended that I realized it was David's last Sunday to go to church until after the deployment. I was so upset! I can't believe we're already here! ARGH!!
So, we went over to his parent's for lunch and it was amazing! Kind of crazy with 14 adults (almost all parents) and 11 children all under the age of 7. OMG!!! Again, ... CRAZY!! But we got to go pick out the fireworks with my oldest two nephews and then I played golf in the front yard with my brother in law, Ryan, while all the other guys taped rockets and other fireworks to an old unused door! Very creative! It was so cute to see the kids all sitting anxiously as they waited for our fireworks show to begin!

My dear nieces and nephews waiting to watch our fireworks show!!

It was wonderful to spend time with family, especially knowing that this will be one of the last times we are both home together! And he had a wonderful time, which is all that matters!!
Monday- My family got up and we all went to eat at IHOP so we could all hangout before we had to leave! It was amazing, as always! I love spending time with my family!! I am so thankful and blessed for them! David went to golf with his Dad after breakfast, so my brother and sister took me (the most unfashionable of the whole family) out to go shopping! New York & Company is my ALL TIME FAVORITE store!!! So, we went there, and Alex and Tristen enjoyed filling my arms with clothes that they picked out and I got to buy! They were having a SALE, so we ended up getting some great deals!! After a LONG afternoon of shopping, we went home and David and I got ready for dinner at Delta Cafe with both of our parents and my nephew, Jacob!!! It was, again, so much fun and we all had a lovely dinner with some wonderful conversation!
We packed up and headed home after that! It was late and we hit some rainfall while we were on the road. We got to talk through a lot of things though, so that was good!
I had class this morning and David was able to sleep in. He was super sore after golfing yesterday.. so I'm glad he was able to get some sleep! We've just been hanging out today, doing laundry and playing with Taco and Belle. David helped me make dinner tonight (we had Picante Chicken with Spanish Rice) and it was delicious!!
So, yeah! I cannot believe that we only have 2 days left before he starts mobilization! It's absolutely ridiculous that this deployment has come up so quickly! So, we'll see how the next few days go! I kind of feel like I'm on autopilot and unable to control anything going on around me. I'll just buckle up and get ready for the ride! Here we go!


  1. First of all, LOVE the new background...so patriotic! Second, I hope you have an enjoyable last few days with your husband before he has to leave for his deployment. Thank you to him and all the other men and women who fight for our country!

  2. Thank you Julie!! :) We both really appreciate it!!


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