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Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Thunderstorm Without The Hubby

Man, has today been a lazy Sunday!! I decided not to go workout and not to go practice today (Although I ordered my new mouthpiece, ligature, saxophone harness, and tuner/metronome last night and it was shipped this MORNING!!!), so I have had a lazy day! And I've loved it. I was freezing in the apartment and decided to go lay down while watching Bravo! and I heard my upstairs neighbors AGAIN!! They are CONSTANTLY moving stuff around or doing something up there... they're just really loud.WHAT CAN THEY BE DOING?!?

Well, I opened my eyes and it was DARK! I looked up the weather on my phone and realized a storm was rolling in, so I jumped out of bed and took Taco and Belle outside so they could go potty before the storm hit. As soon as we got outside, there was the LARGEST crash of thunder and lightning.. and they bolted. So, I chased them down and took them inside.. and now we're watching the heavy rainfall and listening to the crazy wind/thunder and lightning. For those of you who don't know, I HATE storms! And this is the first one since David's been gone... so, I tend to stress a little.

When a tornado came through our town in May, of course like all men, David was outside watching it... where was I? I was running around inside putting water, snacks, pillows and blankets in the bathroom, removing any important picture or item that we had out and placing it in a "safe" place and just losing it! I started to make dinner and David almost went to the store to get me a Diet Coke to freakin' calm me down! Gosh I hate storms!

BUT... I happen to have some chinese frozen dinners and my FAVORITE thing when it's nasty and rainy outside is to have some Chinese!! So BRING IT STORM!!! ... not really, but I'm going to try and take it easy while having Chinese food and watching more Bravo! Oh, and it's hailing now...


  1. I am your newest follower :)

  2. I'm currently sitting in a major storm too! Yummy Chinese. I'm jealous!


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