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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Definitely Needing This Fabulous Five Thursday

Ok! So, this is my first time trying this, and I'm not going to lie. LITERALLY 5 seconds ago, I was being a Debbie Downer and all zombie like with David leaving this morning at 0400. BUT (And I'm embarrassed it took me this long to find this, JUST found the button that is actually meant to be used for your posts, with the font options, size, color, all that... I KNOW!!! If David were here he would say "Really, Sarah?" YUP! Really!!! :) So, on to my Fabulous Five Thursday!!

Happy- I am happy that I was able to spend all of the past few days with David and that he LOVINGLY volunteered to help out with cooking, cleaning, and asked to come with me to get the laundry, to buy groceries, and to help him do things too!
Giddy- I am giddy because one of my dear friends from high school and her wonderful husband are having a baby! And David and I are the Aunt and Uncle of that baby! BUT!!! They went in to hear the heartbeat and found out that there's a possibility they could have TWINS!!! DOUBLE THE LOVING!!!! Can't wait to fly up to Montana, spend time with my best friend, and love & spoil those precious babies!!

Joyful- I am joyful that I have Taco and Belle and that they have been on their best behavior today!! It's so nice just to love and them and I'm glad that we made the decision to make them a part of our family!!

Excited- I am EXCITED for this weekend!!! We have our yellow ribbon conference for the pre-deployment and I get to spend all of Sunday with David!! I'm super excited just to see him and be with him as much as I can!!!

Appreciative- And FINALLY! Last but CERTAINLY not least, I am overly appreciative of the amazing family and friends that God has blessed me with that are our support system ALWAYS! In good times and in hard times!! You all are my rock and I can't imagine getting through most days without you! Thank you!!!

Well, That was fun! I'm definitely going to have to make a tradition of doing that on Thursdays! I really do feel SOO much better and have a little energy!! I hope you all have a FABULOUS Thursday!!!

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