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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Psychology- DONE! Now on to the rest of Summer School...

So, after what seemed like days and days of checking the computer for my psychology grade, I finally received it! I made an A in my psychology class and have a 4.0 for my May session!!! I am so unbelievably excited! I worked hard for that A and finally feel like I know what it takes to be the student that I can be. I've been taking my geology, lab, and college algebra classes this week and it's been rough, but that A was the encouragement I needed to strive even higher for the next several weeks and continue to attain a 4.0 GPA every semester! :) David also had Part 1 of his first test in his HazMAT training and he got a 44/50 on that! I'm so proud of him! His Part 2 is on Friday and they have 2 whole tests next week as well before he finishes the class and gets to come home.

I received my first email from the FRG (Family Readiness Group) yesterday and our first official meeting will be this Sunday. I know I'm young to be an Army wife and I'm definitely the youngest of all the wives in the FRG, but I am so thankful and blessed to be able to have a strong group of women who will be going through near the same experience as David and I over this next year. I'm anxious to get involved and to get to know these women! I think it will be a blessing to play an active role in the FRG! So, that's coming up along with David's party! I've never planned a party before,... so I'm a little concerned. I have all the invitations sent out and now I guess we just have to work on the decorations and food. Any fun patriotic ideas for a cookout party? Let me know if you have them!

Things are getting a little easier with David being gone. I cannot believe how close this deployment is. Less than 3 weeks now until he starts his training and is mobilized. I know that we are going through this for a reason and God is in complete control! I pray for this next year and that David and I will grow as individuals in the Lord as well as in our marriage! I have no doubts that this next year will strengthen us more than anything! It's amazing to look back at our relationship and see how God has used David's basic training and AIT and his first deployment to prepare us mentally, emotionally and spiritually for what we are about to face! I am so thankful for the strong support system of family and friends that I have for they're the ones that have kept me positive over the past few months! Thank you all so much and enjoy this crazy gorgeous weather we're having! :)

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  1. Congratulations on getting that A!! That is awesome!!!
    I can't imagine how hard it is going to be to have David gone for another year. But you are right, God is going to use this to help strengthen and build your marriage. I think it is so great that there are support groups through his work for the families! And maybe it will help that you are still here in Oklahoma and have family close and aren't at a duty station yet :)


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, Plans to bring you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11