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Monday, June 28, 2010

In Honor Of Andrew Looney

Today, a dear man I had the honor of graduating with was remembered in my hometown!

Andrew Looney was 22 years old and graduated in the Spring of 2006. He joined the Army shortly after graduation and was deployed for his first tour in Iraq. During his tour, Andrew was injured and lost part of his foot. He recovered quickly and finished his tour, never drawing attention to the loss he suffered as he fought for his country. He then returned to Afghanistan for his second tour. On Monday, June 21st, Andrew, along with another soldier, were injured by a suicide bomber igniting his vest near them. Andrew died the next morning due to the injuries he sustained from the bomb.

Andrew received multiple awards, including the Purple Heart, for his ultimate sacrifice that he made for his country! He will be buried in the Arlington National Cemetery. His memorial is tonight in our hometown. It's amazing how a town can come together after a tragedy!

The Westboro Baptist "Church" has groups that travel around the country to Fallen Soldier's Memorials and they picket the funeral. It's disgusting and disturbing that one human being would do that to another. I can't imagine having to deal with the death of your son and then having a group of men, women, and children there to protest what your son died for. I understand that there is freedom of speech, but there is a line there that is inhumane to cross! THANKFULLY, there is a wonderful group known as Patriot Guards.

They travel to the funerals of Fallen Soldiers and show their support for the friends and family. When there are protestors, they strategically place themselves in front of them to block the family, loved ones, and media from seeing the negative signs and from hearing the nasty words. Thank goodness for these Patriot Guards! They allow us to focus on those who have given all they can for this country!
So, as we remember Andrew Looney and the wonderful life he shared with us, let's also remember the ULTIMATE Sacrifice that was made as Jesus gave his life for all of us! We all sin and without Him, we fall short! All of us! But God loved us and sent His Son so that we may be saved! Thank goodness for that! And Thank you Andrew Looney for your sacrifice! You are my hero and will always be loved and remembered! God bless you and your family and God bless America!

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  1. Thank you for posting this! You are absolutely right! May God be with the Looney family and comfort them! I'm so proud of the way Owasso poured out their love! Wish I could have been there!


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