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Monday, June 21, 2010

An Entertaining Welcome Home Weekend!!

David finished his HazMat class this Friday, so Taco, Belle, and I left for our "home" on Thursday afternoon to get some things done before David met up with us and we began the weekend festivities with our families! We went and picked up our wedding album and it is GORGEOUS!!! I couldn't be more excited with it! As we walked in the door of my parent's house, we were hit with instant chaos! Taco and Belle were all excited and I was struggling to get them in the door with my hands full, Mom was getting ready for us to go get food and decorations with David's Mom and then we noticed Goldie, our family Golden Retriever's tail was bleeding. Mom called Dad and I went to help Alex, my little brother, unload the dog's kennel from my car. He was banging on the back door and we couldn't get it opened. Come to find out he had broken the handle on the way out and he had to walk all the way around the house to bring in the kennel. Mom was trying to get ahold of the vet and then David's Mom showed up... all this happened within about 5 minutes. It was CRAZY!!! Liz, David's Mom (Lovingly referred to as Mo- which I like to think stands for Mother Other for my other mother :D ) and I went ahead to Wal Mart to get the food while Mom dropped Goldie off at the vet. Then we got a call that Goldie had flees, so Mom and Dad went ahead and bought Taco and Belle some medicine. We all met up at Hobby Lobby and finished the shopping before going back home. I spent the rest of the evening with my family watching Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, and the Real Housewives of New York City reunion show while eating chicken and rice! It was a wonderful day!

FRIDAY!! I went to eat lunch with my dear friend, Meagan Monroe! David got into town from his class and met us at Panera! We spent the afternoon just hanging out and then got ready to eat dinner with my family in celebration for Father's Day. As some of you know, just a little background, when David came home for R&R from Iraq, that evening, my Mom went in to cardiac arrest and was sent to Bailey Medical and then life flighted to another hospital and spent about a week in ICU. We joked later that we really just didn't want David to have to deal with the attention of being home. He doesn't like to be in the spotlight AT ALL! Well, before dinner, Tristen let her little Lucy out to go to the bathroom and Lucy BOLTED. I yelled for Tristen to go get her and lunged from the bar stool I was sitting on to grab Taco and keep him from going outside too. I took one step and nailed my left foot into my parent's end table. I dropped to the ground and started laughing and crying, I couldn't figure out which I wanted to do more. My family laughed,... my tripping and falling is no new thing to them, I'm a clumsy girl. But, when I tried to stand up, I couldn't. I looked at my left foot and said,."That doesn't look right,... right?" Sure enough,.. my two feet looked pretty different and my Dad and David carried me to the van and rushed me to the emergency room with the rest of my family following behind.

They were both cracking jokes the whole way to Bailey Medical and when we got their, they grabbed a wheel chair and checked me in. So, I iced my foot and waited while David and Daddy kept making fun of me for what had happened!

They called me in and put me in a room for x-rays and an hour later, discovered I had indeed broken my fourth toe. My foot looked like Spock's "Live Long and Prosper"! When they told me I had broken my toe, I was ok at first and then it settled in. David had his party the next day, he had JUST gotten back and has 2 weeks until he officially starts training for the deployment.. I have to be on crutches for 3 weeks... the timing just stunk along with the fact that I had been out sick all week with a sinus infection and an inner ear infection. They wrapped up my foot in a post-op boot and told me how to care for my broken bone and then sent me home with my own pair of crutches. Yippee! Thankfully, we were already planning to stay at David's parents 1-story house rather than upstairs in my old room at my parent's house. We went home, had our lasagna dinner and watched Star Trek, in honor of my foot. :(

After dinner, we went to David's parents house and clonked out, we were so exhausted! David got up and changed the oil in our cars while I tried to get around, making cupcakes and preparing for the party that afternoon. I was really sore and couldn't do much, although I could put some weight on my foot. Mo helped a lot with the preparations and David, his Dad (Do) and his brother, Ben helped set up the tent, tables, and chairs in the front yard! I finished my patriotic cupcakes and then took a nap before really getting ready for the party!

My family came over and helped finish decorating before the party started.

Tristen hanging the decorations in the tent.

And I was under strict orders to rest and ice my foot before the party started...

People started showing up and the party was underway! It was a gorgeous afternoon/evening with a light breeze and the tent was perfectly placed in the shade! There weren't any mosquito issues or anything, just a nice relaxing cookout with friends and family! My sister-in-laws, Aimee and Esther are both Army Wives as well and all three of us went through the last deployment together. During the party, they had a presentation and gave me a dozen gorgeous roses, the Army Wife Flower, and a beautiful Army Wife Poem that was framed.

Do read the poem out loud for everyone, since none of us would have been able to read it without crying.

The party continued on and after being on my foot for almost the entire day, I was glad to be off of it and just crash! It started to bruise pretty bad too.

We went to IHOP for breakfast the next morning to celebrate Father's Day with my family! It was a nice breakfast and it was good to spend some time with my Daddy. I am so thankful and blessed to have him and treasure the relationship we have! We went to church after breakfast and because I had been on my foot too much the day before, I had to be on my crutches all Sunday. :( Mo and Do made a presentation in their Sunday School class about their mission trip to Cambodia and it was wonderful to be there to listen to the experiences that God has allowed them to take part of. It really makes you think about what things you have that you can live without so that others can live with. The worship service was wonderful as well. It was as if God had this message just for David and I and what we're going through right now! Through the service, I got to thinking about things and the past year or so. We've gone through a lot, but on a personal level, I have acted at times in ways that I know re inappropriate and I felt convicted during the service to right those wrongs. I'm still needing to address things, but I feel like a self inflicting burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

Lunch with David's family was great and we were able to spend the afternoon with both of our families and have some time with Ben and Aimee before they leave for New York! It was definitely a crazy weekend, but it was a wonderful weekend! I feel like the past two weeks, I've tried more than anything to be independent and to just make it through my day-to-day life without anyone else's help. This weekend, with David being home for about 2 more weeks, I feel like God showed me I can't be completely independent. I am always dependent on HIM and I need to stop pretending that I am in control when I know He always is! That, and no matter how far away David may be or how long he is gone, I will always be dependent on him. Being off my foot and having to let others help me and do things for me this weekend has been a humbling experience and I'm sure I will continue to learn and be humbled over the next few weeks, but I am so thankful for life lessons and for the ways that God shows us that He is still in control.

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  1. WOW! what a crazy, busy weekened! I know how breaking a toe feels! I just did the same thing! exept, I droped a hammer on my foot... That is so sweet of Aimee and Esther to give you the roses and poem. We are praying for you guys as Davids time to leave gets closer.


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