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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Training and a Pretty Rough Day

David left yesterday morning for his first training in Fort Bruger (Sp.?). He was learning how to become efficient at and teach a new program they are working with. He said he had a good time, and was thankfully able to be home by the time my band rehearsal ended. So, that was exciting! He was able to spend time with his family and visit with mine a little too, since he was so close to home. So, happy to have him home, but today is just eating me up.

A year ago today, my hubby came back from Iraq for his leave. At this moment exactly, actually, he was getting off the plane and I was seeing him for the first time in about 7 months! We went to Panera for lunch and spent the day with his family at their house. We hardly spoke, mainly because his family was so anxious to see him and I knew I'd get my own time soon! At around 8 PM, we headed over to my house to see my family. My Mom, in particular was just so excited about him being home and spent a couple of days making sure our house was absolutely spotless. We spent about an hour and half with my family, my Mom was laughing and everything was just fine! We decided to go and hang out at the park to get some one on one time together. We hadn't even parked the car when my brother called to tell me my Momma had fallen and she wasn't responding. I thought it was all a joke at first and the closer I got to my house, the more panicked I became. As I pulled up, I saw the ambulance and the fire truck coming up behind me. I saw my beautiful 17 year old sister standing in the doorway on the phone, balling. I ran up the front walk, screaming and hollering to try and figure out what was going on and saw my Mom laying in the entry way with my Dad giving her CPR. My brother and sister were both having a rough time, so David and I pulled them together and prayed over and over for what felt like hours, but was only a couple of minutes. They brought my Mom out on the stretcher, she wasn't breathing on her own, and took her to the closest hospital. We stayed there for a few hours and then we had her life flighted to a larger hospital that could put her in ICU and help treat her better. She was thrashing and they thought for certain she had brain damage, but there was no certain answer. Her heart stopped and she went into cardiac arrest and upper respiratory failure and was without oxygen for 4 minutes. We spent a week in ICU with her and she went through multiple procedures, finishing with them putting a defibrillator in her. For many days we weren't sure whether or not she would have a memory span of more than a few minutes, or if she even remembered any of us at all. My Dad quoted scripture to her and stayed at her bedside the entire time. There was never a doubt of how much my Daddy loved my Momma, but he has shown it in immense measure over the past year.
Today marks the one year of the fall, the uncertainty, the months of recovery and the forever change in my Mother. It's been a rough day and on top of all of it, I dropped my phone and am unable to check my messages, much less call or receive a call from my family. I am blessed and thankful that she is here and alive, but at the same time, the thoughts and memories that encompassed that day haunt me.

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